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Dental Industry Growth Story | Financial Freedom During COVID-19

“If you told me this time a year ago that this is where we’d be today I would have laughed at you but actually despite COVID, despite everything that’s gone on this year it’s been a brilliant year.”  – Dr Shanna Kader, Managing Director of Indigo Dental.

Running a business that is making a negative profit is every business owner’s worst nightmare. Working with ActionCOACH has given business owner Dr Shanna Kader confidence to turn her loss-making business into profit during a time where many other businesses have failed due to the COVID pandemic.

Dr Shanna Kader says ”My family and friends keep asking why suddenly I seem to have financial freedom during COVID at a time when people are struggling. Basically, they all think well she must be doing something right because everyone’s struggling during COVID. Most of my family members are from business backgrounds and most businesses are struggling at the moment”

Since working with ActionCOACH, the business has achieved:

✔ 35% turnover increase
✔ Employed new team members
✔ Gained confidence during COVID-19

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